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Exploring the world makes our lives richer and more colorful

Traveling with passion is something hard to describe, you just need to feel it! If you want to visit Peru or Bolivia and make your holiday exactly as you like, check our extensive offer. We are pleased to prepare for you the unique, because adapted to your needs, preferences and possibilities, trip!

About Us

SylwiaTravel is a team of young, ambitious and wonderful personalities with a common goal!

“We want to turn your holiday into a time of positive emotions; special bonds and unique experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life!”

The expeditions we organize are much more than visiting some attractions. It is primarily a deeper knowledge of the world around us. Travels are not just individual places on the map, or landscapes. It is also, perhaps above all, interesting people, their stories as well as experiences, unique culture and traditions.

All of that we try to feel, to touch, because it allows us to understand better the reality in which we enter. As a result, more beautiful and lasting relationships, interpersonal bonds, and much deeper reflections. We want you to experience all of this in the doses you want!

Sylwia Travel is part of DASPE TRAVEL E.I.R.L. based in Cusco, Peru
RUC NUMBER: 20601588219
Address: Urb. Cerveceros N° 16 – Wanchaq – Cusco