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Main squear in Cusco, Peru

List of 10 top things worth seeing in Cusco region

Usually I am not the one to make lists about the places I see. I know that something that can be nice or beautiful for me, will not necessary be beautiful for others. It’s always a matter of tastes, likes and dislikes. But finally I decided to make an exception. You...
Choquequirao ruins, Peru

Photo Gallery from Choquequirao trek, Peru

There are a lot of Inca ruins in the Cusco region worth seeing. For some of them you can do in one day, but to explore others you need more time. One of these kind of ruins that you can not reach in one day are the Choquequirao ruins, hidden in the mountain, still less known by...
Trekking Choquequirao

How to organize Choquequirao trekking in Peru in 3 days

Choquequirao – amazing ruins of Incas situated in the region of Cusco, Peru. It is a great alternative in relation to the famous Machu Picchu, because is not so crowded and for some even more spectacular. More about general information about this unique place in my article...