Sylwia Travel Peru
Traveling with passion is something that is hard to describe and show. You just have to experience it!

Some time ago I changed my office job for traveling and I continue this adventure till now. Currently, except that I travel a lot, in some journeys willingly I take also others.

Peru, the country which I continue to explore and discover, is the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate and take a break from everyday life. If you dream about knowing the former Incas Empire, just let me know. I will be pleased to help you to prepare the best holiday in Peru.

Why Peru?

First, there are so many things to discover in this country, it could take a lifetime to uncover it all but I’m that is where my objective lies. With so many different things to offer, in Peru, anyone can find something that interests them. You can easily jump from the high mountains to the jungle to the city and if you will get tired of it, you can change direction and find an asylum on the beaches. You can find these things in other countires sure, but few places will also offer the history, tradition and mystery that lies within Peru.



If you would like to know something specific about Peru, especially about the Cusco region but you couldn’t find it here or you have questions about my articles, you can write me anytime!

Currently on my website you will find also some examples of expeditions that we can organize for you. These are merely exemplary packages, which can be modified to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the needs, interests and abilities of the participants.

I invite you to read the blog and to travel with me around Peru. Greetings!