Sylwia Travel Peru
Travelling with passion is something relatively hard to describe or show. If you feel like experiencing unforgettable adventure in Peru or Bolivia, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you organize your travel in the best way possible!

SylwiaTravel is a team composed of young, passionate individuals sharing the common goal of making your travel experience unforgettable.

We strive for making your travel time full of positive emotions,

unique sensations and experiences that you will never forget!

Travelling with us is not only about seeing another touristy attraction. It is primarily about getting deep understanding about the world around us. Travelling is not only about admiring beautiful places and landscapes. It is also and maybe essentially, about getting to know interesting people and their culture. We make our best to let you feel and experience the real side of Peru. We believe that by connecting to local people, listening to their stories and observing their daily life your will experience your travel to the fullest.

Beginnings of SylwiaTravel…

Some time ago, I decided to leave my job in law firm and pursue my greatest dream of travelling. Although I had no defined plan as for how long I wanted to travel, it seems that now I became full-time South American traveler. Except of travelling on my own and getting to know new places, I organize self-designed tours. The tours are very different from the ones organized by travel agencies and designed for anybody looking for tailor-made travel experiences. Mostly, I organize tours within Peru. This is the place where I can find constant source of relaxation, mental regeneration and of course daily dose of adventure!

Why Peru?

My first journey in South America started just in here, in the territory of former Inca Empire. Why in Peru? I considered this country very distinct, intriguing, interesting and also cheap and safe for solo traveler. After Peru, I traveled to Bolivia and Ecuador. However, in the end, it was Peru that I found the most fascinating. I decided to stay here for a while.

What is it that make Peru so special?

Primarily, the huge variety of everything. Even the most demanding ones will find something exceptionally interesting, something they will remember untill the end of their lives. In Peru, you can very easily travel from one distinct part to the other. If you get bored by the mountains, you can always visit the jungle. From the jungle, it is not too far away to the coast. Of course, there exist other countries offering similar set of natural sites. However, what makes Peru so special are its people, their stories, their culture and traditions. The combination of breathtaking landscapes, demanding trekking adventures and the possibility to meet local people makes Peru, at least for me, the perfect travel destination.

Tailor made tours with SylwiaTravel, we do it the way you want it.

Currently, on the website you can find several travel offers that you can choose from. These are only examples of limitless possibilities you can put into practice. Thanks to the offered fixed tours, you can have a brief overview on what is possible to do in the beautiful country of Inca heritage. We can take you to any place you wish, taking into consideration the entrance conditions and your predispositions. We prepare each travel plan according to your travel preferences and physical conditions. We want you to experience Peru inside out.

In case your vacation is long enough, we can combine visiting Peru with the trip to Bolivia.

If you feel like getting to know more countries in South America, we prepared something for you! While travelling in Peru you can easily transfer to neighbouring Bolivia. This country is definitely my second favourite one.


Whenever you seek for any information about Peru and cannot find it in the Internet, do not hesitate to contact me. Information about Bolivia and Ecuador is in progress and soon I will publish more articles about those countries.

We are delighted to welcome you to reading our blog and travelling with us!