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popularity of peruvian mantas in andes

Popularity of peruvian mantas in Andes

There are lots of things which connect people from all over the word. For sure a lot of us every day have to carry or move something. But there is definitely one thing which is different in other parts of the world, it means the materials, the techniques and the things which we...

Cheap biking tour near Huaraz

Huaraz region has a lot to offer. From trekking, hiking, through mountaineering, rock climbing, to bicycle trips and other activities. What makes this part of Peru so unique and famous among tourists? The beautiful landscapes, spectacular range of mountain called Cordillera...

Travelling almost for free with HelpX and couchsurfing

Sometimes we are dreaming about travelling, adventures, visiting new places, but very often we find excuses that it is not for us, that it is impossible. One of the most common justifications are money, actually lack of money. We do not have enough money to go here or there, we...